We Made It

Well everyone… we made it! We had an eventful trip down (U-Haul is going to get a piece of my mind) but thankfully my parents made the trip down with us to help out. They’re here until Wednesday morning when we fly them back to SLC. Until then, we’re putting them to work!

For now, work is all that’s going on… I’m still with Applied Materials in the same position I’ve been in for almost two years now, so no big changes there. I’ve always worked from home since I started with them and all that’s changed is our address 🙂

Natalie is working hard to unpack with my help sprinkled in between conference calls and getting out my deliverables for work. At least they didn’t schedule me for a trip right after we moved!

Maricopa has been great when we’ve visited but I have to admit it hasn’t really sunk in that we live here, yet. Maybe once we get done unpacking. Still, we’ve met some great people already and the church we attend with my brother and his family has been great — they came over and unloaded us in less than an hour and a half! Too bad packing wasn’t that fast…

Besides unpacking, we still have carpet to clean, fixtures to replace, walls to paint and a pool to set up (the house came with a dirty, empty pool) not to mention finish all of the paperwork on the house itself.

For those that don’t know about Maricopa, it’s a quiet little town about 45 minutes South of downtown Phoenix. Chandler is the “big town” close by — just 15 minutes away — though there are some big places in Maricopa like Wal-Mart, Fry’s, Basha’s, etc. There’s even a Home Depot coming to town 🙂

It’s still considered a rural community though and even gets the occasional “bovine aroma” wafting into town… mmm… that fresh country air!

We’ll keep you guys posted and send some more info, photos, etc. once we’re settled in (we’re sleeping over at my brother’s right now until we get some of the major stuff set up). Keep in touch!

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Traek is the father of seven beautiful children, the lucky husband of an amazing wife and a disciple of Jesus. He keeps busy between work as an IT Analyst and is serving as the CEO of Zion Foundation. In his spare time he enjoys documentaries, projects with his family and writing about himself in the third person.

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