We promised to post more details of our new house once we had them, so here they are (even though they’re a little late):

First and foremost: we’re moving June 26th. Less than five weeks away, we had to schedule this since it was the only time that we could not only get help doing it but so life could continue. We have the girls finishing up their school year, Katie getting baptized, two parties to host, a large 3-day YM activty and the little things like packing, cleaning and a yard sale to hold all before then. Phew. We’d love any help anyone could give; we’ll be loading the U-Haul Wednesday and Thursday evenings so we can have help with the big stuff with people getting back from work and everything.

Now that that’s out of the way… here are some things I can tell you about our house:

  • It’s a nice 6 bedroom home a little under 4000 sq ft
  • There will be plenty of room for visitors to come and stay
  • It’s in a quiet neighborhood just down the street from my brother and his wife
  • It’s backyard has a very nice pool and there is a small community park nearby
  • We’ll have a mortgage about half of what we do now!

Here’s a couple of pictures of both ends of the house (you can see more when you come and visit us!):

Keeping in mind that we aren’t moving for the square-footage, the pool or even the cool neighbors, we are very excited to be down-sizing our monthly outgo so we can start saving. We are very blessed that I have work that allows me to make this move and that we will have family support in unfamiliar territory.

We’ve also decided to have a little gathering at our place to say goodbye to friends (family will have their chance later), so stay tuned for the date/time.

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