The Grass Isn’t Exactly Greener…

Well, fortunately and unfortunately, we’re moving.


  • Homes are cheap in Maricopa, AZ and we’re looking to reduce our monthly outgo
  • My job allows me to work from anywhere, so long as an airport isn’t too far away
  • My brother Derrick and his wife Mandy live there and we’re close with them both
  • I hate snow… well, I’m okay with snow as long as it stays in the mountains where it belongs and off of my driveway, road to work, etc.


  • You’d better really like the color brown (I like it in moderation!)
  • You’d better really like it warm (something Arizona isn’t famous for in moderation)
  • You’d better like the smell of cattle… uh… aroma… on a cool, clear night
  • There’s nothing like a white Christmas…

In all honesty, we’re very excited about the move; Natalie has never lived outside of Utah (and by extension therefore neither have any of our kids!). This will not only get us out of our comfort zone but also give our family a chance to see how we do out on our own without a lot of family close by.

Where’s Maricopa you ask? About 30 minutes or so south of Phoenix, this little town got hit hard by the recent home value drops (plummets is a more accurate term for this area!). We’ve found it to be full of a lot of great people and for a “rural” community feels nothing like it — other than the usual friendliness around every corner. We’re hoping to have a lot of room for guests, so please feel free to stop by and visit us!

We’re planning on moving around mid-June. Katie has decided to get baptized and we set the date for the 1st Saturday of June (the 6th) and we’d like the girls to finish up school here at Creekside Elementary before we leave. Which reminds me: we looked into a charter school down in Maricopa that the girls are very excited for, too.

We’ll post more details once we have a house locked in (we have a few offers out there right now) and will send you all the gorey details of our move… which reminds me of one other Unfortunate aspect of this move:

  • We have to pack and drive all of our crap to Arizona 12 hours away… joy…

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Traek is the father of seven beautiful children, the lucky husband of an amazing wife and a disciple of Jesus. He keeps busy between work as an IT Analyst and is serving as the CEO of Zion Foundation. In his spare time he enjoys documentaries, projects with his family and writing about himself in the third person.

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