New Year’s Eve Poetry

I wrote this for an invitation to our New Year’s Eve Party; I hope you enjoy it:

‘Twas the party after Christmas, and all through the land
Every parent was thrilled to play some Rock Band
And to get away from their paper-strewn messes
That came after the socks, toys, undies and dresses
For what should come seven days after that Eve?
But a party for Santas, not for kids who believe
In that fat man in red who has to resort
To bribery, threatening and things of that sort
To get some small time of peace on the days
That lead up to those darned stress-filled holidays
So kids won’t be naughty but nice for a bit
And “Santa” can attempt to finally get a grip
But the holi-daze are over with nothing to do
The Transformers still buzzing, the Barbies all nude
And so with happiness you will appear
To a small gathering of fun to celebrate the year!
So to Layton, on Pheasant View, at six ninety-eight,
At seven o’clock, but feel free to come late…
With no little “angels” to dampen your flight
Have adult conversation and a fun New Year’s Night!

Published by Traek

Traek is the father of seven beautiful children, the lucky husband of an amazing wife and a disciple of Jesus. He keeps busy between work as an IT Analyst and is serving as the CEO of Zion Foundation. In his spare time he enjoys documentaries, projects with his family and writing about himself in the third person.

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