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I’ll Always Have Paris

A couple of weeks ago I was finally able to make it out to Spain. While it was all business, I did get a chance to take in some of the local atmosphere. It was a gorgeous area! When we flew into Vigo, I felt like we were landing in one of those airports in the middle of the jungle in South America. You know… like someone thought it’d be a good idea to chop off the top of a mountain and land an airplane full of people on a short strip of asphalt (if you’re lucky).

Scary landings aside, the whole valley was sooo green and in true European fashion covered with ancient buildings. While in the town I stayed in, I was even able to walk on a bridge and main road that was built by the Romans!

So far my work has taken me to Israel, Germany and Spain (okay, you could count France if you counted airports, but I did have ‘lunch in Paris’) and the best part has been seeing culture that has not only not forgotten it’s past but embraced it. I know when I drive down the street in some neighborhoods I think a 30 year-old house is old. Heck, I’ll be 30 in a couple of weeks! It’s not until you’re walking down a street that’s existed for almost a thousand years (or in some cases where I’ve been over 4000 years!!!) that you get a good perspective about your short time here and how much has really gone on before us.

Mind you, this next week finds me on my way to Austin, TX. While certainly not the cultural treat I’ve been given in the past few months, hey, I’ll always have Paris…

Published by Traek

Traek is the father of seven beautiful children, the lucky husband of an amazing wife and a disciple of Jesus. He keeps busy between work as an IT Analyst and is serving as the CEO of Zion Foundation. In his spare time he enjoys documentaries, projects with his family and writing about himself in the third person.

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