Whirlwind Tour of Europe

Guten tag! (oder morgen)

So I’m writing from Germany… Frankfurt, specifically, enjoying a solar energy summit (for my job, not for fun!). So riveted am I by the current safety discussion that I felt now would be a good time to explain my current and future absence from the good ol’ United States.

Today marks my third day in Germany (I flew in from Chicago on Monday) and in a couple of weeks I’ll be hopping on a direct flight from Salt Lake to Paris (yay!) and then it’s onto Spain for a week.

So in less than 30 days I’ll go from having been to 0 European countries to 3. That, and Natalie will go from sane to crazy in no time flat! So anyone that would like to pop in and give Natalie a visit (or even a phone call) would be most welcome to!

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Traek is the father of seven beautiful children, the lucky husband of an amazing wife and a disciple of Jesus. He keeps busy between work as an IT Analyst and is serving as the CEO of Zion Foundation. In his spare time he enjoys documentaries, projects with his family and writing about himself in the third person.

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